Vector Escrow Services


VES is an internet escrow agent that works primarily with large-scale agricultural business escrows.  We do not work with small-scale, personal escrows.  Our minimum transaction is $50,000.

Internet Escrow

An Internet Escrow Agent licensed by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation

Modern Agricultural Escrow

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern agriculture

Funds are Secure

Funds are held in a secure escrow account​

Everyone Wins

All parties must agree before funds are disbursed​

Unlock the Security

Escrow services designed to ensure our customers experience a worry-free transaction.

Unlock the Value

Provides clear and structured communication channel to guide all parties step-by-step through a successful transaction together.

Unlock the Business

Allows customers to stay engaged in what they do best: selling, processing, and buying product, so they stay focused on the security and growth of their business.

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Our simple, secure internet escrow for hemp and other agricultural transactions gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind throughout a clear and predictable process.

Vector Escrow Services is one of only 4 California licensed internet escrow agents that can complete escrow transactions entirely online.  Our process is designed to ensure that our customers experience a worry-free transaction from agreement to close.

The 4-step Vector Escrow Services internet escrow process is similar to any other escrow transaction you’ve participated in, like buying real estate.

Step 1: Agree
The parties agree to make a deal.

  • A broker facilitates the terms of the deal
  • An agreement is reached.

Step 2: Engage
Open Escrow with Vector Escrow Services

  • Broker opens escrow online
  • Terms of deal entered online
  • VES distributes escrow instructions to all parties
  • Estimated Settlement Statement provided to all parties

Step 3: Transact
Money is deposited in a trust account.  Goods and services transferred.

  • Deposit money is wire transferred to trust account
  • Products and services transferred per instructions

Step 4: Close
Pay All Parties From Escrow Account

  • Escrow instructions complete
  • Transaction audit
  • Final Settlement Statement