About Vector Escrow Services


15 years of farming experience informs our methods. We've created a secure solution to make your transaction work.


45 years of escrow experience, more than 20,000 successful escrows. We've seen it all, now we've built a better system.


Tech that adds security, not complexity. Our transactions are simple, our interface is user-friendly, and your money and data are secure.

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Our Team

Duncan Gamlen, Founder Vector Escrow Services Internet Escrow

Duncan Gamlen

Founder and CEO

  • 45 Years of Escrow Experience
  • 30 Years as a Mortgage Banking Executive
  • 38 Years as a California Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • OVER 20,000 Real Estate Escrows Successfully Transacted
  • Fifteen Years of Farming Experience
Michele Methum, Vector Escrow Services Internet Escrow

Michele Methum

Escrow Manager

  • CPA
  • Practicing accountant for more than two decades
  • Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (Formerly Department of Business Oversight) approved Escrow Manager
  • Oversees all escrow transactions and manages all accounting functions for VES.